Chumlee From Pawn Stars Was Arrested!The man known to millions of cable TV viewers as Chumlee on the reality show Pawn Stars ...
5 Things Justin Bieber Could Learn From Janis Joplin
Top 10 Rock Stars Who Cheated DeathRock stars are known for getting away with murder, but we've rounded up ten of the world's biggest sonic heroes who've found a way of snatching life back from the claws of the Grim Reaper to rock another day.
Top 10 Rock Star Drug OverdosesSadly, the history of rock is littered with tales of immense talent being snuffed by addiction to lethal narcotics. Here is our breakdown of 10 of the worst-case scenarios when rock stars got mixed up with hard drugs and lost.
Elton John Regrets Taking DrugsIn a recent interview to discuss his new memoir, Elton John opened up about wasting much of his life on drugs, specifically his past cocaine and alcohol addictions.
Eric Clapton's Guitar Collection Auctioned Off For $2.15 Million
Michael Jackson's Addiction
Jagger Kicked Heroin For Hall

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