An Honest Look at PregnancyTwo months after the birth of her first child, Maya found out she was pregnant AGAIN! This time she decided to highlight the honest and sometimes funny side of pregnancy. Check out her pics...
12 Grades of "First Day" InterviewsThis father interviewed his daughter on the first day of school every year. Now she's just graduated from high school so he shared the video. What an awesome idea! Check out the video here...
You Won't Believe How This Dad Makes His Daughter Laugh!Can I take the next ride????
You Won't Believe What This Mom Found in Her 12-year-old Daughter's Text MessagesMaya didn't expect to see this in her daughter's cell phone. How would you react?
Maria & Chad: Daddy/Daughter DanceChad and his daughter Georgia attended a Daddy/Daughter over the weekend
The Royal Baby Is Here
[WATCH] Mom Throws Her Daughter A Period Party
We Had A Father/Daughter Day Yesterday!
My Daughter Is Making Me A Granddaughter!
Dr. Phil Has Landed an Interview with Casey Anthony's Parents

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