The NFL Is Back This Weekend! Where's The Best Sports Bar For Your Team?We hope you're rooting for the Cards, but let's face it. Some like the Packers. Some like the Cowboys.  Some even like the 49ers!  Whomever you're cheering for, it's always fun getting together with your friends, having a few cold ones and rooting on your favorite team at THEIR sports bar.  Thanks to the Arizona Republic, we now have a list of Phoenix area sports bars by NFL teams!
Ready to Watch Cardinals Football?!?Even though it's preseason, and even though it's the Hall of Fame game... at least it's football!!!!! I've already started eating my wings and having a few cold ones...much to the dismay of my bosses here at work!
Dallas Cowboys Now Accepting Bandwagon Applications!Seems that it's cool to be a Cowboy's fan again! Space on the bandwagon is filling up fast so get your application in today!
The Cheeriest Grandmom EVER!
Cards beat Cowboys in overtime!
Will You Marry Me? Check Yes Or No.
Sue The Pigskin Off The NFL!
No Cheerleaders?
Turn Out The Lights, Don Meredith

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