Amy Schumer Tries To Defend Bill Cosby in the Court of Public Opinion: WatchIn her 'Inside Amy Schumer' sketch, she's not one of the women suing him, she's actually defending him in the Court of Public Opinion.
Is 'Broad City' the 'I Love Lucy' for Millennials?Lucy and Ethel revolutionized friendship for a whole group of women on the verge of a societal change, and now Abbi and Ilana are doing the same thing on their Comedy Central show 'Broad City.'
The Justin Bieber Roast is Coming!
Carlos Mencia At The New VQ
Sir Paul...did you see?
Where Did My DirecTV Channels Go?
Betty White Gets Roasted...For REAL!
Where Is Stephen Colbert?
Will Charlie Sheen Get $25 Million From Warner Brothers?
Comedy Central Will Roast Charlie Sheen . . . on the Same Night as Ashton Kutcher's "Two and a Half Men" Debut

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