Charlie Sheen Wants To Throw Out The First Pitch In The World Series!There is apparently a social media movement to have Sheen throw out the first pitch of Game 1 of the World Series as Vaughn and Sheen are on board.
Charlie Sheen Is Hoping to Return Back to 'Two and a Half Men'
Mike Evans: Hollywood Insider 7-23-2013
Charlie Sheen Wants 'American Idol' Judge SpotCharlie Sheen’s name has been thrown around to take one of the judging positions on 'American Idol.' Now the 'Anger Management' star is addressing the rumors.
'Idol' Shake Up: Who Will Take Over For J.Lo and Steven Tyler?With both Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler saying goodbye to "American Idol" last week, we round up the rumored candidates who are competing to fill their shoes.
Will Charlie Sheen Get $25 Million From Warner Brothers?
Check Out Ashton Kutcher in the New "Two and a Half Men" Opening Sequence
D-backs on a roll on the road!
Ashton Kutcher's "Two and a Half Men" Character Will Be an "Internet Billionaire"
Charlie Sheen: WINNING With The Dodgers?
George Clooney & Charlie Sheen: Eaten Alive!
Comedy Central Will Roast Charlie Sheen . . . on the Same Night as Ashton Kutcher's "Two and a Half Men" Debut

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