Bob Saget's Favorite "America's Funniest Home Videos" ClipBob Saget showing a clip from his A.F.H.V. show on Greg Kinnear's Later show which is actually clipped on Kinnear's other show, Talk Soup.
10 Best TV Dads, Ranked By ArchetypeGot a favorite TV dad? We round up 10 of our favorites and arrange them by archetype. See where your own dad fits in.
Bob Saget on the 'Fuller House' Rumors: 'We Don't Really Know All the Facts Yet'Bob Saget, a.k.a. Danny Tanner, is talking 'Fuller House,' what made the original so special and doling out family binge-watching tips.
Bob Saget Will Be Part of the 'Fuller House' ReunionLori Loughlin's back, too, but still no Olsen twins.
Not So "Full House"
Bob Saget is KOOL!
Katie Couric & Bob Saget?

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