An Honest Look at PregnancyTwo months after the birth of her first child, Maya found out she was pregnant AGAIN! This time she decided to highlight the honest and sometimes funny side of pregnancy. Check out her pics...
How Elephants Get Their Young to NapAfter a long day, even elephants need a nap! This video from Elephant Nature Park shows three adult elephants trying to get a baby to sleep. Then one of the adults decides she needs one too!
April the Giraffe Protects Her BabyAfter watching the live stream for WEEKS, April finally had her baby. And she is quite the protective mother. Watch what happened when this vet got a little too close...
Pregnant Mom Channels April the GiraffeWatch this pregnant mom parody the live stream of April, the pregnant giraffe...LOL
Lion Baby Meets His NamesakeHis name is Aryeh, which means lion in Hebrew so he wore his lion costume to the zoo...
Baby's Sneeze Switches Snapchat FilterThis beard filter is already hilarious... watch what happens!
Watch This Musician Duet With Himself!Spanish musician Publio Delgado wrote and released an original song titled "Dou hua".
First Time This Baby Tries Bacon!Do you remember the first time YOU tried delicious, crispy, wonderful bacon?
Laughing Babies. Funny Dogs. Let's Put 'Em Together!
Baby Adorably Flexes Muscles with Dad
Stevie Nicks Confession!
[WATCH] Baby Gets Emotional After Watching Parents Wedding Video

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