Jeff Gordon Races in the KOOL Studio!

Jeff Gordon Visits KOOL (2)

Jeff Gordon, a four time national NASCAR cup series champion and also a winner of the Daytona 500 three times, is spreading the word about the fight against Pertussis. After learning about the risks of Pertussis when his daughter was born, he and his wife were treated with the vaccine to reduce the risks of infecting their children.

Pertussis in children, is “a sound that you will never forget” says NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon, “when you hear a young child that has it, it is literally that whooping sound, almost like a wheezing.” As for adults, Pertussis seems like a sever cough or cold but is very contagious if you’re around infants. Help spread the word about Pertussis and find out how you can prevent it on!

When Jeff’s kids are old enough to get behind the wheel themselves, will they be better off learning from their mother or their NASCAR driver father? Gordon states that his wife is a great driver, but may not be the best teacher. As for himself, he believes parents can take it too personal and enjoys the separation of having someone who knows exactly what they’re doing to teach his kids how to drive. You’d think Jeff’s driving skills would be too out of the ordinary to teach anyone to drive, but contrary to popular belief, his wife actually has to ask him to drive faster sometimes! Off the track, Jeff can be considered quite the grandpa behind the wheel.

At just five years old, Jeff Gordon started racing quarter midgets, a car that only goes at a speed of 30 mph! Racecars have developed tremendously since the original stock cars, as those were far more dangerous with only a bench seat and no seat belts, but that’s where the excitement began! Nowadays on cars, there are restrictions for technology and cost. Some tracks are talking about reducing the power in cars, but Jeff would love to see them actually increase the power, although it’s important to make sure that the car will stay on the ground. “We’re kind of at the max from the durability standpoint of what we can do with all the rules in place” says Gordon “what we’re doing with these small block chevy engines these days is unbelievable.”

You can catch Jeff Gordon racing this Sunday, November 10th out at Phoenix International Raceway! You don’t wanna miss out!

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