The Most Common Winning Powerball Numbers

With $700 million on the line for tonight’s drawing, it’s worth throwing a couple of bucks at it.  Isn’t it?  I stress… a couple of bucks!

The odds of winning aren’t all that great.  As a matter of fact, you’re more likely to: date a millionaire- 1 in 215… be injured while using a chain saw- 1 in 4644… be injured by a toilet- 1 in 10,000… win an Oscar- 1 in 11,500… get crushed by a meteor- 1 in 700,000… get struck by lightning- 1 in 2,300,000… get attacked by a shark- 1 in 11,500,000… Become a saint- 1 in 20,000,000. (So you’re saying there’s a chance!)

Have you ever wondered what the most common WINNING Powerball numbers are?


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