Baby Warthogs with Maria Knight!

By Omar Soussi

It’s Friday, we know you need that last-minute push to get you through the weekend and we got it in the form of adorable baby warthogs.

The Wild Life World Zoo brought two baby warthogs into the station today to hang out with Maria and the rest of the station. The caretaker for the warthogs, Kristy, also went over a lot of interesting facts about the cute warthog like they knee when they’re eating since they have protective callous there, they can run up to 30 miles per hour, they can grow up to 150 pounds if they’re a female and over 300 pounds if they’re a male and so much more.

wildlife world zoo baby wart hogs 8 Baby  Warthogs with Maria Knight!

If you want to spend time with the real life version of Pumba and other animals, you can go to the zoo on 16501 W. Northern Ave, on Litchfield Park or on their website or Facebook. They’re also having a week long safari camp during July and on their Facebook page, they’re doing a contest to give a ticket away for free.

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