By Charlie Huero

How was your morning? Mine started out the same. Up at 4am, out for my 2.5 mile walk, and get ready for work. I had to change it up a bit this morning, but it was all for the best! Usually I have some breakfast and get out the door for the office, but TODAY, I was out at 6am and off to Sam’s Club on 83rd Ave and McDowell. I’m up and around the 7th St. and Thunderbird area, so I got some driving to do. Add on to that, I’m on the Vespa to enjoy this amazing weather. I’m off, to go…SHOPPING? OH BOY!!!

Have you ever seen the TV shows where the winners get 60 seconds to run around the store and grab whatever they can? THAT is what I got to do this morning. Only I got 2 MINUTES to grab as much stuff as I could. Wait, this was not for me, this was for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix. On top of that, I had some help! I had Jill Johnson, the Director of Cause Marketing for the Boys & Girls Club. She gave me some great tips on the things they need at their 13 centers in the Metro Phoenix area. They needed items for their offices and items for their facilities, and a bunch of stuff for the kids that call their local Boys & Girls Club a “fun place to go”. PS4 machines, TV’s, Sound Systems, office supplies, chairs, cameras, books, and even a huge grill for cookout parties!

charlie jill sams club e1490823359393 10,000 Reasons to make kids smile!

There was NO WAY we could grab that much stuff on our own, so Jill had a few friends come down. The Phoenix Suns Gorilla, and Howler from the Arizona Coyotes! Friends in high places is a good thing! The countdown began, and we were off! We grabbed as much stuff as we could, in fact at one point in the office supplies area, the stuff was flying in the air into our carts thanks to The Gorilla and Howler! At the end of our 2 minute run, we gathered about $10,000 of “STUFF” for the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix. I was so out of breath at the end, and Jill was such an amazing trooper…not winded at all!

A big “THANK YOU” to for their generous contribution to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix. The entire staff at Sam’s Club on 83rd Ave. and McDowell were awesome! And when you get The Phoenix Suns Gorilla and Howler from the Arizona Coyotes together, they take over and put smiles on everyone’s faces! ¬†I cannot wait until next year!

the squad 10,000 Reasons to make kids smile!

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Phoenix, and all over as well, provide such an amazing service to our youth. Especially to those who need it most. They provide them a place to have the opportunity to reach their full potential. A safe place to be. With people who truly care. I encourage you to find out more about them. Click HERE to find out how you can help as well.

And if you shop like I do, you probably have heard about RetailMeNot. Click on that and see how much you can save on items from what seems to be an endless list of stores! Without them, this contribution does not happen. What an amazing team of people with HUGE hearts!


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