Eddie Van Halen gives up the guitars!

Hang on a second! NO, Eddie has not given up on PLAYING the guitar, he is doing something much more special.

If anyone has a massive collection of guitars it would probably be Eddie Van Halen. Music has been his life. When he had the opportunity to learn as a young child, there were instruments available for him to learn to play. In today’s landscape, the instruments for our young people seem a bit more “scarce” and if they exist, their condition is probably suspect. Eddie’s love for music, and his desire to have children learn to play has inspired him to donate 75 guitars from his personal collection. He will be donating these guitars to a non-profit called “Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation“. Their mission is to “keep music alive” in schools around the country that are lower-income schools and have trouble finding funding to keep their music programs alive. They have delivered to over 1,465 schools so far.

I grew up playing drums. I started in 5th grade with my very first snare drum and I can remember playing for my class room. Through grade school, high school, and into college, I played! I know that without those instruments, my world would have been so much less rewarding. My fondest memories from all of these times has been playing in bands. Marching band, concert band, Jazz band, you name it, I was in it. It is why I am so passionate about our “NOON SALUTE” feature with our amazing partnership with FULTON HOMES when local schools play or sing the National Anthem. I get to deliver the checks to the winning schools. It gives me an opportunity to talk to them and thank them for what they do, and to continue their passion for music.

If you feel like helping out, or maybe you have an instrument in the garage or storage…make a donation. You can find more information on their website.¬†http://www.mhopus.org/


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