By Charlie Huero

They are timeless for sure. All you have to do is listen. Blondie has new music coming out on May 5th! They are releasing a new album called “Pollinator”, featuring the debut single called “Fun”. The sound reminds me of the Chic days and Nile Rogers. The video has just as much FUN!

I remember those roller skating days and “Call Me” or “Heart Of Glass” would come on the system. The same good feeling flows when I hear “Fun”. It reminds me that I had the pleasure of growing up listening to some of the most influential bands and artists to ever make music. When those bands from my younger days put out “new” music, I must be honest here, you tend to cringe a little before you hit play. Some are good, some…well let’s just say, I love their original stuff! Blondie sounds great. Debby Harry looks amazing in the video, and her sound is like that of those “Heart Of Glass” days! I believe you should always do what you love. Do it until you can’t do it anymore. Blondie could do this forever!


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