Watch the ORIGINAL version of A-HA’s “Take On Me”

Did you know that the version you hear on the radio is not the original way A-Ha’s “Take On Me” sounded? And the video you know that is so awesome was not the original either? You have to see the video and hear the song for yourself.

This is what it originally sounded like:

It was titled “Lesson One”. You can hear the keyboards sound similar, but the sound of the demo is very lacking. They hit the studio and re-recorded the song and then made a video.

THIS is the original video:

Not like the one we know. Honestly, I love the back stories to these songs. Who made what, how they made it, and how it went on to be a huge song, or how it failed. Here is the video you know so well. Catch more fun stories like this during my feature called “The 80’s Rewind” Monday through Friday at 5pm.


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