And yes, "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" made the cut.

By Hayden Wright

Billy Joel stopped by The Late Show to discuss his discography with Stephen Colbert, who pressed the “Piano Man” on his favorite songs. Joel named “Vienna” atop the list, and Colbert agreed. Others in the top tier included “And So It Goes,” “You May Be Right,” “She’s Right On Time,” and “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.”

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“I actually think about that on when I’m stage—what would I want to see me do?” Joel said. “I tend to like the album tracks, not the ones that are the hit singles.”

The pop icon also discussed building bikes for Bruce Springsteen and why he’s reluctant to put out new music. And during the segment, Colbert teased Joel about his dearth of new material since 1993.

“Elton John said you should put out more albums,” Colbert goaded.

“I told Elton John he should put out less albums,” Joel clapped back.

During his visit, Joel also performed “Miami 2017.”

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