By Charlie Huero

By now, we all have heard about Mariah Carey’s performance (or lack thereof) for New Year’s Eve. There was so much finger pointing you would think you were standing on a corner giving out directions! There have been so many different skits and posts regarding the event it would make your head spin! Some people feel bad for her, others not so much. In fact some people are just downright mean about it!

Then there’s the performance that made me laugh out loud. It comes from San Antonio, Texas. Performed by the always entertaining mascot for the San Antonio Spurs, the Coyote. I lived and worked in San Antonio back in 1996. It was the year BEFORE they drafted Tim Duncan, so the ONLY entertaining thing at a game was THE COYOTE. The performance is below. Enjoy, and THANK YOU to the Coyote for the “laugh” this morning that made me do a spit take. That was not fun to clean up.



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