By Charlie Huero

December 10th is a day I am both excited for, and scared out of my mind. December 10th is more than just another Saturday. December 10th, I figure out just how much I can conquer a fear. I have never really had this fear on a “bucket list” to overcome. In fact, I have never even thought of doing something like this…ever. On December 10th, I will join several other individuals and teams by GOING OVER THE EDGE. We will be at CityScape downtown Phoenix starting at 8am!

Earlier this year, I started getting more involved with the Special Olympics. My sister, who you can see in the video, has been mentally challenged since birth. Each day, she gets up and goes to work. She may have a lot of help, but she still gets up, and out and lives out every day. She faces MANY challenges each day. She will never be able to GO OVER THE EDGE. But I can do it for her. I can do it for other individuals like her. This is the “Over The Edge” Challenge for the Special Olympics of Arizona.

The challenge raises awareness of the Special Olympics and helps with the athletes that participate. The goal is to raise $1000. That donation of $1000 is enough money to support 2 athletes for an entire YEAR at Special Olympics!  This is where my fear of heights comes in. That sinking feeling in your gut when you look over the edge of anything that high! I have a hard enough time putting Christmas lights on the house! I’m going to face my fear. I’m going to go OVER THE EDGE. I need YOUR help. I need to raise more money to get up the building to repel. If you could, whatever you can give would be greatly appreciated. Click on the link and follow the instructions for donations.

I will have pictures and video running for the entire experience. I am truly nervous, but I’m going to do it. For my sister. For the athletes of the Special Olympics. Thank you in advance for your support!

CityScape Phoenix

1 East Washington St

Phoenix, AZ 85004

December 10th 8am


charlie shelly Make a kid smile, go OVER THE EDGE!


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