By Charlie Huero

by Charlie Huero

As we get closer and closer to December 16th, I get more excited. This is the date of the ROCK PACK concert at the Comerica Theatre. The night will be filled with iconic singers from some of the biggest bands to perform on stage! Over the last few weeks as we have been talking about this show, I have noticed that the audience, the listeners, are just as excited as I am. After all, the songs and musicians we grew up with will be performing on stage.  I have been to A LOT of concerts over the years, and I will admit that some I have never seen perform live. I may have been too young at the time. Lou Gramm heading up Foreigner, or Steve Augeri as the lead singer for Journey, John Payne singing with ASIA, Gregg Rollie singing with Santana, Fee Waybill with The Tubes, and Robin Zander heading up Cheap Trick. Robin I have seen with Cheap Trick, but the rest I never had the chance.

When I was talking with John Payne from ASIA in the office a few weeks ago, he said that he would work out getting some artists to call in for the show. To my surprise, I got a call saying that Fee Waybill from the TUBES would be calling in to my show. I was thrilled! I can remember hearing The Tubes for the first time while watching the sketch comedy show SCTV. (I talk to Fee about this in my interview with him) It was a sketch with John Candy (Gil Fisher) called “The Fishin’ Musician” and they went fishing and then they sang their song “Sushi Girl”. In my interview with Fee, I had asked him which songs he was going to sing at the ROCK PACK show, and one song he did NOT mention was “Sushi Girl”. This is the part of the interview I tell him about finding them on SCTV. He then tells me the most AWESOME story about the sketch and what they really did for the show! Let’s say it was a PARTY! Rock & Roll style!

Here is the sketch from SCTV. Not the greatest quality, but if you were a fan, you know what the show was all about. Check out the sketch below.

I also learned that the Tubes band members grew up here in Phoenix! They have major Phoenix ties, so this show will be sort of a homecoming. In this part of the interview, Fee talks about where he and the other members went to high school and more!

I was “hooked” so to speak. Talking to Fee was really cool. If you would have told me back in 1981 that later in life I would be talking to Fee Waybill from the Tubes on the phone, I would have said “You’re crazy!”. I have included the full interview below. I am really looking forward to a great show with all of these guys. I hope you are too! Bring on the ROCK PACK!


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