The “Mannequin Challenge” took the web by storm, starting with the Cool Teens in high schools before making its way to the worlds of professional sports, TV studios, rap concerts, and politicians, (It’s even gotten political, as with this powerful Black Lives Matter-themed compilation film.)

People stand still. That’s the short version, but really each clip consists of people remaining completely motionless for about a minute as the camera winds its way through the area.

The effect looks as if someone pressed pause during a movie as people liken themselves to mannequins placed in various positions. Among these poses you’ll find people talking on the phone stopped midsentence, people with a water bottle inches away from their lips as they get ready to take a sip and some paused just before their hands meet in a high-five.

We did our own version of the “Mannequin Challenge”.



Here are our sister stations version of the “Mannequin Challenge”



Vote here.


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