By Charlie Huero

~ by Charlie Huero

My drive to work is easy. Get on 7th Street and go south. Pretty simple. Honestly, the drive is not bad if you discount all the knuckleheads driving on that street like it’s a race track. OR, the misinformed who have NO IDEA what the yellow lane is and how it works. But this is a different story. As crazy as 7th street can be, there is a moment of Zen. On 7th street, just a little bit north of McDowell, on the east side of the street, you can see some musical history. A picture book so wonderfully displayed on what would normally be a generic, boring, run of the mill concrete wall. On this wall, a Rock & Roll ICON. An artist we lost too soon. Some of you may have seen the artwork. Today I stopped. Today, I actually made a U-turn and went back to stop and see it up close. I wanted to show you as well. I have never heard of the artist before. Her name is in the corner of her amazing work. Maggie Keane is in the very bottom corner. Not to distract, as the artwork is on the main stage. #MaggieKeanezart. Bravo Maggie. Very well done.




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