By Charlie Huero

~ by Charlie Huero

Let’s face it guys, we SUCK at going to the doctor. OK, if you go every year for your check up, just know that you are a small percentage of men who actually use their health insurance (which you pay big bucks for) to make sure they are healthy! What a concept! I bet you take your car in for an oil change at least ONCE a year. You take better care of your car, than your own body. There is so much out there on an annual, monthly, daily basis of awareness. Did you know February is “American Heart Month”? Or that May is national “Mental Health Awareness Month”? We have Breast Cancer Awareness, heck we even have “National Guide Dog Month” in September! What about MEN’S HEALTH AWARENESS?

A few years ago, I stumbled on the whole MOVEMBER movement. I saw guys growing weird mustaches and beards, or guys I knew with lots of facial hair (jealous sometimes) who had shaved all of a sudden, and I wondered WHY? It was all a part of a movement created by some guys in Australia. The were sitting around and decided they wanted to do something to get people talking. They did not raise a single dollar the first year, but they went from 30 guys growing their faces, to now over 5 million! You can see the timeline to the MOVEMBER movement here.

So the basic concept is to not shave for the month of November. I don’t have facial hair, so this means no razors for me for 30 days. Some of my co-workers are going to participate with me. They have LOTS of facial hair. THEY, have to start CLEAN! This means tomorrow, they head to the barber and get a proper shave! So if you see me growing hair that I do not normally grow, you might ask me “Why are you growing a mustache?” which gives me the opportunity to tell you about the MENS HEALTH movement and how they can help. If you see one of my co-workers that normally has a full grizzly Adams thing going on, and they have ZERO facial hair…you would say “WHOA! What happened to your beard? Lose a bet?” and again, the opportunity to explain what MOVEMBER is all about.

Over the past week, I have been doing my best to recruit men, and women, into the movement. I have a few people playing along, but there can always be more! Click HERE to see our site and how you can help, and can join in on the movement too. If anything comes from this, and you’re a guy, or maybe you’re a gal and you have a Dad, brother, brother-in-law, friend who is a boy/man…Grandpa….tell them to make sure they are getting their check-ups. It’s all about awareness. It’s all about doing it because it’s the right thing to do. There are many ways to participate. I have the links and such attached. What are you doing TODAY, to help make sure that male person in your life is healthy?




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