The song gets a video 47 years later.

By Hayden Wright

It’s never too late to record a music video: 47 years after the recording of “Green is the Colour,” Pink Floyd has assembled a collection of archive footage to capture the laid-back, psychedelic song for their new box set The Early Years 1965 – 1972.

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The track was written in 1969 for the Barbet Shroeder film More, for which Pink Floyd composed the soundtrack. The movie, which deals with heroin addiction, is little-known today, though the 27-disc box set includes the complete film, several versions of “Green is the Colour” and lots more.

The video uses a collection of live concert footage and slice-of-life video from the ’60s and ’70s to convey the dreamy, melancholic atmosphere of the song. New video was shot by Nick Edwards while concert video was taken from the Saint-Tropez, France performance at the Pop Deux Festival in 1970.

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