By Charlie Huero

There is another great show coming to the Valley. The ENGLISH BEAT will be here! Original member Dave Wakeling will be here to play the English Beat, and probably General Public tracks! There are a lot of songs in there! I can remember when I was younger playing the cassette over and over again while I was starting High School! I thought I was pretty hip and cool back then because I always looked for songs and sounds that not everyone else was into…yet.

Depending on where you lived or what country you lived in, they went by several names. “The Beat” was their name in the UK. They were known as the “English Beat” here in the States and North America so they would not be confused with the band here already called The Beat. If you were in other parts of the world, you may have called them the “British Beat”. Regardless, I love them because it was different. SKA is the style and I loved it as soon as I heard it. That first album, “I Just Can’t Stop It” had so many great songs on it. Back then you listened to the entire cassette or album. Those songs you don’t hear too much anymore, but when you go back and listen, your head floods with all sorts of wonderful memories! “Tears of a Clown”, the remake of the Smokey Robinson track, “Twist And Crawl”, “Can’t Get Used To Losing You”, “Hands Off She’s Mine”, and more.

They followed up with another album called “Wha’ppen?” which had a couple of songs I liked “Doors Of Your Heart” and “Hit It”. My favorite album, or I should say for me was a cassette, was “Special Beat Service”. With songs like “I Confess”, “Save It For Later”, and “Jeanette”…shhhh, my fave was “Pato & Roger A Go Talk” and “Ackee 1-2-3”, that’s between us English Beat geeks.

After the band broke up Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger went on to form General Public. Their hit song was “Tenderness”. David Steele and Andy Cox went their own way and recruited Roland Gift to form the Fine Young Cannibals. They had “She Drives Me Crazy”, “Good Thing”, “Don’t Look Back” and an Elvis remake of “Suspicious Minds”.

I am excited for November 3rd at LIVE WIRE in Old Town Scottsdale. I’m excited for the fans of the band. I’m excited to see Dave Wakeling. I’m excited for those who say they are not sure who The English Beat are, but when they hear the songs they will know EXACTLY who the English Beat are! Now if only I could find that old cassette and try to get an autograph! That would be KOOL!


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