By Amanda Wicks

In the months leading up to David Bowie’s death in January, he was hard at work on the off Broadway production Lazarus, which he wrote and composed. As some of the final original music Bowie left behind, it provides particular insight into his battle with terminal cancer, a diagnosis he kept incredibly private until the very end.

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The Lazarus Cast Album will be released this Friday (Oct. 21) and in addition to the cast interpreting several Bowie classics from his repertoire, there will be three final studio recordings from the man himself. Today (Oct. 19), fans can hear “Killing a Little Time.”

It’s a dark rock song that seethes with anger, as if Bowie were working through his grief about being forced away too soon. “This symphony/ This rage in me,” he sings at the end of the first verse, before leading into a chorus that details his fragmentation both lyrically and melodically. “I’m falling, man/ I’m choking, man/ I’m fading, man,” he sings, the song bordering on cacophony at times.

In addition to “Killing A Little Time,” the album will include the other final studio recordings, “No Plan” and “When I Met You.” The tracks will only be available on YouTube and until the Lazarus Cast Album drops. Listen to “Killing A Little Time” below.

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