This past weekend, they covered the Beatles at Desert Trip. Might they cover Prince this weekend?

By Brian Ives

This past weekend, the Rolling Stones threw a couple of surprises into their set at weekend one of Desert Trip: they played some classics for the first time in decades—including “Little T&A” and “Mixed Emotions,” and they unexpectedly covered the Beatles’ “Come Together.”

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But, in a recent twitter Q&A, Mick Jagger said that he was planning on covering Prince as well. “I wanted to play ‘Little Red Corvette’ at Desert Trip, but I never got around to rehearsing it properly. We did ‘Come Together’ instead. But I did learn ‘Little Red Corvette,’ on guitar… maybe another time!”

We’ll take this to mean that, while Mick knew how to play it, the rest of the Stones didn’t. But Desert Trip’s second weekend kicks off Friday, and the Stones play on Saturday night, which gives Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ron Wood a few days to learn the song.

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