In the music industry, the term one-hit wonder is used to describe an artist primarily known for a sole hit single.  Description of a one-hit wonder in the United States defines a hit single as one which hits the top 40 of the national singles chart.

The ’80s had some great tracks, especially some of the one-hit wonders. You know the ones. Here is our pick for this week.



Born in Jakarta, Indonesia to Dutch parents on July 21, 1955, Taco Ockerse (yes, it’s his real name) was raised in Germany, where he studied dance and theater. He made a name for himself on the European supper-club circuit by dressing in formal attire and performing dance versions of American standards. This song was on his first album, and it became an unlikely hit when MTV picked up the video, which showcased Taco’s distinctive look and performance that he had perfected in the super-clubs. MTV didn’t have many videos at the time, and this one had lavish costumes, a growing cane, and a tap dance sequence, making it very appealing to the fledgling network




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