Ah, the Arizona State Fair is back! For those of you who love the smell of deep-fried “anything”, and walking the grounds and exhibits to find that perfect knife or mattress, or maybe 10 pounds of home-made fudge…we’re in heaven! Throw in some live music, some farm animal competitions, monster truck rally’s or demolition derby’s and we are over the top.

In my quest, each year I take a stab at winning some fun things for the kids in the midway. Ring toss, basketball shots, fishing, knock over the bottles, yeah…I’m not so gifted. Squirt guns, let’s give it a try. Tom Peake and I teamed up to see what kind of damage we could do. It was mainly our pocket books that took the damage, or maybe the other players that were probably a tenth of our age. I’m not sure which took on more, but it was fun anyway. Check out the video for yourself!


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