The Boss also shared kind words about Kendrick Lamar and U2.

By Annie Reuter

Bruce Springsteen has revealed that his next studio album could be out sometime this year. He made the announcement during a conversation Wednesday night (Sept. 28) at the New York City SoHo Apple Store to promote his new autobiography Born to Run. The Boss also talked about what he has been listening to recently and discussed what motivated him to write the book.

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On the upcoming album: “It’s been done for a while and it’s pretty good. It’s kind of a solo record,” said Springsteen.

On his listening habits: “Green Day make great records. They are always thoughtful and intense. They play great together,” he said. “My old friends U2 are playing just fine. They are consistently great.” Springsteen added that Kendrick Lamar’s music is “intense,” then he praised Kanye West. “I like Kanye West. He makes great records. They are creative, amazing records.”

On his autobiography: Springsteen’s autobiography Born to Run came out this week, and the memoir gives fans a closer look into his childhood and the making of his classic 1975 album Born to Run.

“I wanted to let people know what were the influences on my music,” he said of the book. “I wrote songs to figure out who I was. I wrote it now before I forgot anything. I am at that age where you are forgetting things already.”


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