If you’re like me, you’ve always wondered how far you can travel in an emergency situation when that gas light comes on and the indicator is over the “E.”

Well, the good folks at YourMechanic put together a really helpful chart that shows how many miles your car can travel while on empty. The chart, which is based on popular 2015 models, doesn’t cover every car, but you can likely estimate what this means for your car based upon others. Overall, sedans get about 30 miles and larger SUVs get about 90 miles from when the warning light comes on.

A lot of modern cars have a range indicator that tells you the amount of miles left. However, YourMechanic says this may not always be the best guide as the range is based on your average mileage and may not be accurate to your current driving conditions (think highway versus stuck in traffic on city streets).

Note: For vehicles with “Not available” listed for the point at which the warning light comes on, the light is triggered based on the distance to empty calculator having the listed number of miles remaining.


Source: YourMechanic.


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