This is a hard-rock birth story if we've ever heard one.

By Hayden Wright

Dee Snider’s fourth granddaughter, born this week, sure knows how to make an entrance. Dee’s son Jesse and his wife Patty were running a bit behind en route to the hospital for labor and delivery. When the situation in the car became urgent, Patty gave birth to Snider’s latest grandchild, a girl named Parker Pryde. It’s not even clear whether they pulled over!

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“Alright this is amazing. I’ve tried to shoot this three times at all the traffic lights, but I keep screwing it up because I’m so adrenalized.” Jesse said in an Instagram video from the scene. “My wife just had the baby in the car on the way to the hospital. Parker Pryde, born we think at like 2:50-ish on the 405. We were a little surprised by it all,” says Jesse, who like his father is also a singer/songwriter.

Dee weighed in on Twitter, celebrating the birth and its remarkable circumstances.

“My 4th grandchild, a girl was just born…in the car on the way to the hospital! Welcome to the world Parker Snider! Way to get attention!”

See the entire Snider family saga here:

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