Feeling KOOL – Stop the St. Patrick’s Day-After Hangover

1. Don’t drink too much

It should be obvious, but the best way to avoid a hangover after a night out is to avoid drinking too much alcohol.

2. Eat before you go out

Having a full meal in your belly before you begin drinking helps ensure your stomach will be prepared for what’s to come.

3. Drink plenty of water

What people perceive to be symptoms of a hangover are usually symptoms of dehydration.

Try to drink a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks, if only because it slows down the rate at which you booze.

Having a Gatorade in the fridge for the next morning isn’t a bad plan either. It’s not a silver bullet — nothing is, actually — but it will help put some of those lost electrolytes back into your body.

4. Don’t make it a contest

Everyone processes alcohol differently based on gender, weight and how frequently they imbibe.

So don’t give in to the tendency to turn drinking alcohol into a contest or race.

5. Don’t stay out too late

If you plop into bed four hours before you have to be at work, odds are your head will be pounding when you wake up.

Getting plenty of rest will give your body the extra time it needs to metabolize the alcohol.

It will also make you more agreeable the next morning.

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