Feeling KOOL – Signs you’re NOT getting enough sleep

If any of the stuff on this list applies to you, maybe skip the St. Patrick’s Day stuff tomorrow and get some sleep.  Here are four signs you’re not getting enough.


1.  You’re moody.  It’s harder to deal with stress when you don’t get enough sleep.  And it can turn into a vicious cycle, because anxiety makes it harder to FALL asleep.

2.  You’re not doing well at work.  Obviously, your brain doesn’t work as well when you’re under slept.  And a study at Harvard found that tired workers cost the economy about $63 BILLION a year.

3.  You’ve gained weight.  You might just be getting older.  But when you don’t sleep enough, you produce less leptin, which is a hormone that suppresses your appetite.  And you’re more likely to be overweight if you get less than six hours of sleep a night.

4.  You’re making bad decisions.  Your prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that helps with decision-making.  And it doesn’t work as well when you’re tired.  People also tend to cut more corners and be dishonest when it’s not working right.  And you’re more likely to struggle in social situations.


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