How do you inconvenience yourself? Sounds a bit strange, but it’s actually quite simple when you think about. Today is not about you, it’s about someone or something else for others. Simple things to do not just today, but maybe you could work these in everyday at some point. ┬áMake this a selfless day and do things for others. Click the “play” button on the video above to see how this could work all the way around back to you! Then click HERE to find out how you can celebrate “National Inconvenience Day” and make someone’s life a little better. It’s the little things that count! Let me know how this day make you feel. I bet you feel a lot better!

How is this for a selfless act…doing something for someone else. Matthew Parker is 6 years old. He needs a kidney transplant. Doctor told the family that chances of finding a kidney for him was about 1%. His body had already rejected an earlier transplant. His family was tested and no one can donate. One person who did get tested was a MATCH! Matthew can only go to school a couple of days a week, but when he does go, he sees his 1st grade teacher Ms. Lindsey Painter. The school principle thought Ms. Painter and Matthew would have a special connection, and he was right. Ms. Painter is the PERFECT kidney match for Matthew! See the video below for the story!


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