The Marvel Experience

7 Domes appeared on the east side of town.  From the sky you might think it was something out of a Marvel movie, and you wouldn’t be far off with that guess!

The Marvel Experience has arrived and get ready to have your socks knocked off.

You’ll start out your experience by registering to be a SHIELD Agent, once approved and through initiation you’ll enter the massive training dome with several interactive stations to prepare you for the adventure that awaits.

The Marvel Experience - Phoenix AZ-162From digitally excavating for robot parts, to rehearsing how to fly like Iron Man, to even pounding like the Hulk there are all kinds of activities to enjoy.  Be sure to catch the interactive 3D holographic shooting range that takes 24 trainees at a time.

There are photo opportunities with virtual heroes that come on command, and even a laser dodging training facility.  Once you’ve done your homework and ready to move on you’ll enter the Avenger’s Quinn Jet which will take you to the big show.

This is where the real Marvel magic comes to life.  What can only be described as being in the middle of the action flick you are surrounded by a 360 degree movie that really sucks you in.  To your left the Avengers consisting of Captain America, Iron Fist, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, The Vision, Black Widow and Black Panther.  On your right hundreds of Hydra Adaptoids being controlled by Red Skull, Viper and M.O.D.O.K.

The experience is wrapped up with a state of the art 4D ride in an Avenger’s shuttle zipping to the end where like any good ride does, to the gift shop!

Do: Plan to be there at your assigned time (arriving early might help) and expect to stay 90 to 120 mins once you get in

Do: Eat before you go, while there is food onsite, you’re going to want to save your money for the gift shop at the end

Do: Wear light colored clothing to experience the best results from some of the interactive sessions

Do not: bring small children that animated violence might frighten

Do not: bring strollers

Do not: use a flash but you can take pictures without!

Do not: worry about the power bands, while they are a nice souvenir but don’t really do much

The Marvel Experience is here from Dec 19th until Jan 3rd with tickets starting at $27.50.

Check out photos here!

The Marvel Experience - Phoenix AZ-190


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