Just when you thought you have seen it all, there is the countdown to death watch. SkyMall magazine, you know the magazine on the airplane that has all of the really KOOL stuff in it you can order to be shipped right to your doorstep? They have a new ad running. It’s for the “TIKKER”. This is a watch that you wear…but not only will it give you the current time, but it will countdown the time you have until your DEATH! What? Here is what they say about it.

They say they use “statistics and a personal health algorithm” to calculate your life expectancy. Once you have given all the proper information, it begins a countdown, and you can see it on the watch. It will start counting down the time in your life! It’s about $80, and I have a hard time believing that it is accurate at all. Would knowing this information depress you, or would it inspire you? Would you start living your life to the fullest, or would you just melt down? What if it said you only had one week to live?

I don’t think it’s a happiness watch. I don’t know if I would spend $1 let alone $80 on something like this. Would you? The only countdown I want in my life is the Casey Kasem AT40!


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