Even the Simpsons are in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! I know there are a lot of people with different opinions on all of these viral posts of people doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Here is something to keep in mind. There are a ton of organizations and charities to choose from. Charities, in general, are all looking for the opportunity to be HEARD! To spread the word. Some get more than others. Some struggle just to make it. The bottom line is that we all have the CHOICE of who we want to help. Some are personal because it DIRECTLY affects a family member or friend. Some are indirect in that we feel the need to help them because we have a certain place in our heart to be that person to help. Whatever you CHOOSE, you should be doing it because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO. Not because everyone is doing, or because you have been told to do it. For those who have taken the Ice Bucket Challenge and posted a video, you are generating awareness and sp[reading the word collectively to the masses! If you donate, great if you did not, you donated your time like many volunteers do and spread the word. THAT is what is priceless.

Get more info on ALS here. Donate here.

#icebucketchallenge #alsicebucketchallenge #strikeoutals



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