It’s the FINAL night of high school volleyball tryouts for my daughter, Lucy.  The second round of cuts were last night.  So far so good!

All week, I’ve been sharing health tips for our student athletes.    (I found these on the MomLogic website)

Today, it’s how to BE Smart.


Be Smart

*   Make academics a priority. Participating in sports is a privilege. Be sure to give your best to your school work and then to your sport.
*   Learn from experience. Apply the lessons learned through sports to other aspects of your life.
*  Manage your time. Being busy means that you need to prioritize and fit things in throughout the day, such as starting your homework on the bus.
*   Appreciate others. Great sports experiences happen through the contributions of many people (parents, coaches, officials). Say “thank you” often.
*  Set goals. Writing goals down makes them real. Keep a record of your sports, academic, and other personal goals and check on your progress along the way.


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