It’s day FOUR of high school volleyball tryouts for my daughter, Lucy.  Last night was the first round of cuts.  AHHH!  I think I’m more nervous than she is…okay,maybe not.

All week, I’ll be sharing health tips for our student athletes.  We are going to talk eating smart, training smart and even how to be a smart student athlete parent.  (I found these on the MomLogic website)

Today, it’s about Rest and Recovery.

Rest and Recover Smart

*   Schedule rest days as carefully as you schedule workouts.
*  Practice active rest. An easy bike ride or a walk around your neighborhood is a good way to unwind and clear your head.
*  Sleep is key. Don’t let sleep fall prey to a busy schedule. Go to bed and wake up around the same time every day, even on weekends.
*  Sleep for recovery. When training hard, try going to bed a half-hour earlier for several days in a row to aid recovery.
*  Practice the art of napping. Naps of up to 30 minutes can recharge you for the
rest of your day.
*   Keep naps short. Naps lasting longer than an hour or within three hours before bedtime can disrupt sleep at night.
*   Eat right for recovery. Fresh, unprocessed foods — especially fruits and vegetables — help enhance muscle, bone and joint recovery.
*   If you get sick, allow plenty of time for recovery. Don’t resume a heavy workout schedule until you’re 100 percent well.
*  If you’re sick, and symptoms don’t respond to rest, see a health-care professional. A persistent fever or cough should be checked out.
*   Be sure to allow for extra recovery after a big game or event. Take the next day off. Do something fun and totally unrelated to your sport.
*   Get goofy. Sometimes, you just need a day to goof off. Take that day and then return to your routine refreshed and renewed.
*   Ice is nice. Icing muscles for 10 to 15 minutes can help reduce inflammation and relieve soreness.
*   Bath time. Warm baths with Epsom salts prior to activity can help relieve muscle soreness or stiffness. If injured, consult a physician before applying heat.


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