My bucket list is really happening again! This time, with my solo trip to Wisconsin. Here we go!

It’s DAY 1, and it was full of traveling and trying to remember the roads I had grown up with. I landed in Milwaukee around 1:30pm and got into my little rental car. Nothing fancy, just something to get me around. Off I went. First stop, to see my Mom’s Auntie Betty. She lives around Wauwatosa. After driving around for a bit, I hit pay dirt…and she was standing outside! I pulled in and she had no idea who it was! In fact she did not know i was coming at all! What a surprise! I think it took her a while to understand who I was. I have not seen her in many years. After sitting and talking for a while, I was off to my next stop.

Up the street is the Wisconsin Memorial Park. This is an amazing spread of land dedicated to our loved ones. This cemetery has been around for so many years. My Grandfather is here, and so is my Father, and most recently in 2010, my Mother. I stopped in to say hello, and to ask them to keep watching over me and the family. I told them I miss them very much, and although they are not here in the flesh to see the family grow older and see the kids go through school and their fun times, that they are watching from above. I have not really dealt too much with their passing, and i think this was a very emotional time for me. It was good to feel them around me again in their resting place. After my goodbyes, it was time for the next stop.

I grew up in a small town called Sussex. But where I lived was in between school districts, so instead of going to Sussex Hamilton High School, I went to Hartland Arrowhead High School. I went to the old house I lived in, then past my grade school and the fishing hole at the dam in Merton where I went to grade school. Then off to the high school, Arrowhead. OH MY GOODNESS…this campus is so big, I could do a whole story on it alone! This weekend, for the 30 year reunion, we are getting a special tour. I will have plenty of pictures to share!

I also attended a private high school. University Lake School in Delafield. It was only for my sophomore year, but what a great year it was and what a beautiful school. I will have pictures of that as well. Then it was off to check into the hotel I am staying at here called the Olympia Resort. This is the first room I have ever stayed in with a fireplace! I went to the grocery store to pick up some food for the stay, and I found a candy that I always had as a kid, and now, I cannot find it anywhere. The Stark Candy Company used to make it back in the day, then they were bought by the NECCO company (New England Candy Company) and they eventually discontinued making them. I FOUND THEM at the grocery store! Success!

Tomorrow, it’s my trip to Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers Shareholder meeting. I will haver plenty of pictures for you tomorrow from DAY 2. Until then,

have a great day!

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20140723 225310 82390416 Charlies Bucket List: Ticket To Lambeau

20140723 225311 82391130 Charlies Bucket List: Ticket To Lambeau


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