Madonna has always gone all out in her album and single artwork — and her latest visual is no exception.

In what could be the artwork for her new single “Messiah,” Madonna wears a Medieval-throwback chainmail mask in front of a stained glass window. The singer posted the picture to Instagram with the caption, “What can i say??? #repost #revolutionoflove #messiah #iconic #unapologeticbitch #livingforlove #artforfreedom.”

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She’s been dropping teases on her Instagram account over the past week including song lyrics, sheet music, and a video of an orchestra playing a few seconds of the song. But this particular tease could be just that; last year at this time, Madonna posted a picture to Instagram of her in the same mask, taken for a Harper’s Bazaar shoot.

If you look closely at the “Messiah” photo, you’ll see some semi-flawed photoshop work. It could be a fan-made photo that Madonna simply re-posted — she did that a month ago and some thought it was the artwork for “Unapologetic B*tch” but it turned out to be a picture from her V Magazine shoot with Katy Perry.



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