Many critics consider The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album to be at #1 or close to the top of the greatest albums of all time.  I’ve compiled a few stats of my own about the album I’d like to share:

6/1/67 – date of release

8 – position the album debuted on England chart

23 – consecutive 3 of weeks at #1 on British chart

6/1/87 – date of compact disc release

201 – total weeks at #1 on British charts

0 – differences in track listings in the US and UK – the first Beatles album with identical tracks

12/6/66 – first day of recording

4/21/67 – last day of recording

39:42 – length of album

15 – number of weeks at #1 on Billboard album chart in America

2653 – album number of Capitol Records American release

4 – number of tracks of tape machines used

0 – number of singles initially released from album

13 – number of songs on the album

Here’s a video on the making of the album with material you may not have previously heard.




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