I have the perfect father’s day gift for you.

Take dad to see Creedence Clearwater Revisited

They’re coming to Talking Stick tomorrow night, and before you get into any debate about who’s handling the vocal duties, let me tell you first hand I’ve seen the band and you won’t be disappointed.

Original Creedence bass guitarist Stu Cook and drummer Doug ‘Cosmo’ Clifford put the band together at a time when no one was playing the Creedence catalog.  John Fogerty had all but disavowed the songs and the two other members of the original group, Doug and Stu, knew people wanted to hear the hits live – not by a cover band, but by the guys who actually created the sound and made the records.

How they got there is part of an enlightening conversation I had with ‘Cosmo’ yesterday.  Choosing a lead singer, why they got back together, the evolution of their ‘swamp’ sound from The Golliwogs, influences that included ‘Louie Louie’. (Doug says he played that earl on more then he’s performed ‘Proud Mary’ on stage!)

If you’ve ever loved a song by Creedence, I think you find what he had to say of interest.

And who hasn’t loved Creedence!

You have a chance to hear all the hits done right by the guys who were there on the records.

I’m just sayin’……Dad would love that.

Here’s part one today, with part two tomorrow.

There’s a lot of ground to cover.

In case you still need to be convinced how authentic these guys are…..



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