Update On Casey Kasem’s Condition Isn’t Good

I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t admire Casey Kasem.  Hands down he is, was, and always will be the standard by which all countdown programs will be judged.

That said, the battle for control of Casey’s care and his subsequent declining health continues to play out in public.  But there are signs that battle may be winding down.

After Superior Court Judge Daniel Murphy’s ruling granting Casey’s daughter Kerri Kasem the authority to withhold medication, food, and fluids from her ailing father, she  initially implemented the end of life measures on June 6.  According to Kerri: “Casey Kasem’s health is declining and he won’t be with us much longer.”

In the ruling Judge Murphy determined giving Casey food and fluids would be harmful and cause more pain for him.

Then on Monday, the same judge ordered the reinstatement of feeding and other care while a court-appointed attorney consulted with doctors.

Today that ruling was reversed again, leaving Casey in critical condition with an infected bedsore, and a form of dementia called Lewey Body Disease.

And the battle between Casey’s daughter Kerri and wife Jean raging on.

Not what he would want if he could speak for himself.

The ultimate irony.



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