The “Charlie Experience” v.25: So Close I Can Taste It!

This week I made my way into the offices of Red Mountain Weight Loss for my monthly check-up. As I wait in the lobby to be called back into the little room to check my weight and BMI, I am tapping my foot in anticipation. Maybe that little bit of exercise will be just enough to take a half an ounce off the weight. Nah. Then “Charlie”…that’s my cue. I am called back. I ask to use the restroom before we start (maybe that can take some weight off) and I am given permission to go. Then it’s time to stand on the scale. Over the month, I am down 1 pound. One pound? Yup, just one pound. Honestly, I am a little bummed out about that, but Dr. Bentz says that after being sick, and the travels to San Diego, that’s pretty good. I always have to remember that I am also in the gym working out and that is putting on some muscle weight. I’ll take it. I am replacing FAT, with MUSCLE. Actually, the bottom line for me is that I feel great. My clothes seem to continue to be more loose too! I’ll pick my battle here and go with the flow. Stay the course, bring up the cardio, and continue to work hard. I’m going to hit that 190 pound mark soon enough, and when I do, that’s when I celebrate. SIX more to go!   Charlie   Red Mountain Weight Loss

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