An ad has surfaced on YouTube of indeterminate ’90s origin that is literally one of 100 (or so): it’s a Bud Light at targeted for grunge kids (via SPIN).

These ads were reportedly generated for the Bud Light Spotlight, hundreds of which in the series would have aired in over 50 different major media markets.

According to the uploader, whose resume indicates he worked at the creative agency who created the ad sometime between 1993-1997, this was a local spotlight ad aimed at Los Angeles. In it, a trio of archetypal 20-somethings sit at a bar table. The long-haired man sings of his love for Bud Light, in the key of Cliff from Singles. The short-haired blonde, who happens to be wearing denim on denim, gives a spiel that would indicate she’s aroused by drinking Bud Light. The second woman says nothing at all, but sips from her longneck.

If you’re wondering what Kurt Cobain was talking about with Grunge Is Deadthis pretty much sums it up. Cringe along to the ad below.



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