WKRP “Reunion” To Be Streamed – Venus Flytrap Explains The Atom

The list of classic characters from WKRP In Cincinnati is a long one: Andy Travis, Les Nessman, Herb Tarlek, Mr. Carlson, Venus Flytrap, Dr. Johnny Fever, Jennifer Marlowe…so many memorable moments in just four seasons.

Next Wednesday the show’s creator Hugh Wilson, along with Tim Reid (Venus), Howard Hessman (Johnny Fever) and Loni Anderson Jennifer) will celebrate the 35th anniversary – nine months late – of the CBS premiere, with a panel discussion in Beverly Hills.  Can’t make it?  There’s good news for you anyway.

The “Baby If You Ever Wondered: A WKRP in Cincinnati Reunion’ panal discussion will be live streamed at 7:30pm Phoenix time at paleycenter.org.  Fans can also join in the conversation during the event on twitter: @PaleyCenter.   If you’re lucky enough to be in the area of Beverly Hills, $25 will get you into the event itself, with more details at http://www.paleycenter.org.

WKRP debuted on September 18, 1978 and aired its last episode on September 20, 1982.

While the ‘Turkey’s Away’ episode may be the most famous, for me the most brilliantly written moment was a scene in which Venus Flytrap explains the atom…..

…..and there’s the iconic theme song…bet you still remember all the words.






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