Michael Jackson Hologram At 2014 Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards did something no one could have dreamed up a few years ago.

They brought Michael Jackson back from the dead – sort of.

A hologram of Michael was created, showing him performing a previously unreleased song from his new album ‘Xscape’.  “Slave To The Rhythm” left the entire open mouthed, and I’m not so sure it was because of the music or ‘performance’.

It was the fact that, well at least as I saw it on tv, creepy looking – almost cartoonish.

I’d be more interested in seeing a ‘how they did it’ video than what came across the television.

It may sell a few more copies of the album, which I’ll review later this week.  And if it’s debatable whether or not it was a good idea to do the hologram in the first place, you have to concede one point:

We’re talking about it now.

If you missed it, here’s the full performance of the Michael Jackson hologram.

I wonder what Michael would have thought of it.

More important to me,what do you think about it?


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