I love food. I always have, and probably always will. Lately, and I mean in the past few years, the “Gluten” word has been flying around a lot. Honestly, I never really paid any attention to this because for the most part, I feel like I have an iron stomach and all of these things would just play as static in the background. Since getting healthy over the past year, I have started to pay more attention to the foods I am eating and how much of them I actually eat. And the Gluten topic always come up. I started trying gluten-free foods. Not too turned on by them at all. Then I started wondering WHY is everybody going gluten-free? Is this another diet fad? Another one of those things people do for about 6 months and then quit? The I hear it’s about a diet for people who have a certain digestive issue. That being gluten-free is a really big deal to their health. Fair enough.

When I went to school there were no tables in our cafeteria set aside for kids with peanut allergies either. What kid did not have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!? So, with all of the hype, or shall I say “concern” over to gluten or not to gluten, I found a little video that may help out a bit. So, for what it’s worth, check it out and make your own decisions. I asked my Bariatric physician at Red Mountain Weight Loss if I should be concerned about eating gluten or if I should be eating gluten-free. She said it’s not a concern for me, but if I choose to do so, that I should use my own judgement. Plus, a lot of those items are not really in my diet at this point.

Be happy and healthy!



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