By counting down his KOOLest songs!  In case you missed any, here’s how it went…

Top Ten KOOLest Bob Seger Tunes


#10     6AM   “Like A Rock”

This song was used in an advertising campaign for Silverado pickup trucks that ran from 1991 – 2004, making it forever connected with Chevy trucks. It helped sell a lot of trucks and is considered one of the best choices for an ad campaign in music history.

#9       7AM   Rock & Roll Never Forgets

When Bob wrote this one, he said; “I wanted to just write an honest appraisal of where I was at that moment in time. I was 31 years old and I was darn glad to be here.”

#8       8AM   Fire Lake

Bob said that it’s about a lake in Michigan called Silver Lake. He told Toledo Free Press in March 2011: “It was written about Silver Lake in Dexter, about being in the Pinckney-Hell-Dexter area.” His good friends Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Timothy B. Schmit of the Eagles sang backup!

#7       9AM   Still The Same

Seger: “People have asked me for years who this is about. It’s an amalgam of characters I met when I first went to Hollywood. All ‘Type A’ personalities, overachieving, driven.”

#6       10AMOld Time Rock & Roll

This is one of the few songs Seger recorded that he didn’t write. He said that he was feeling generous that day, and says not seeking composer credit was “the dumbest thing I ever did.” Seger claims he changed all the original lyrics except for the “old time rock and roll” part. He made sure to take a dig at Disco music, which was fading in popularity.

#5       11AMMainstreet

Seger wrote this song about his high school years in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The song explores the promise of youth, and what Seger calls his “awakening” after being a quiet, awkward kid for most of his youth.

#4       12PMShakedown

Glenn Frey was supposed to record the song for the movie “Beverly Hills Cop II” but he had to drop out because of laryngitis, so Bob Seger was asked to replace him. However, Bob didn’t like the lyrics, and though he retained the same chorus, he rewrote the verses. Seger recalls, “There were a lot of lyrics about working undercover, I didn’t like them, so I threw them all out. I decided to write it my way and they trusted my judgment.”

#3       1PM   We’ve Got Tonight

When you think of “We’ve Got Tonight,” you usually think of Bob Seger’s version. But it was Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton who had the biggest hit with it 4-years after Bob’s original came out!

#2       2PM   Hollywood Nights

Bob said: “The chorus to this song came into my head one night in 1977 as I was driving through the Hollywood Hills.

#1       3PM   Night Moves

Seger: “When people ask ‘Do you know when you’ve written a hit?’ the usual answer is no. This song was an exception,” And, it’s autobiographical. The girl had a boyfriend away in the military, and when he came back, she married him, breaking Seger’s heart.


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