He’s BIG with a face that EVERYONE can love!   What more do you need???  Just train him to bring you your slippers and you are all set!

2014 05 053 Dog of the Week   MARV (The Humane Society)

Click here to see more pictures of Marv!


Marv 3-year-old , male, Mastiff

  • 101-pounds, HUGE paws, long tail that is always wagging, wrinkled brow and enormous square head
  • gentle giant and has a kind soul
  • A big lover, leans on your leg while you pet him, loves belly rubs and back massages, rests his head on your lap and gazes up at you with his big brown eyes (also rests head on your lap after he drinks water so he can “casually” wipe the slobber off his droopy jowls)
  • walks great on a leash and likes casual strolls around the neighborhood- stops often to smell shrubs and is in no hurry so don’t tug on his leash and rush him along
  • doesn’t mind car rides but you’ll have to lift him into the car (make sure your car is big enough)
  • likes to play with other dogs his size and enjoys stuffed toys that squeak (clumsily gallops around the yard shaking the toy around)
  • tuckers out quickly and becomes a bump on a log- spends the rest of the afternoon sleeping on an oversized dog bed (or the couch if you allow it)
  •  house-trained, knows a few tricks
  • good with dogs and kids, cuddles some cats



Marv is  available at the Arizona Humane Society’s Sunnyslope Campus located at 9226 N 13th Avenue in Phoenix. His adoption fee is $110 and includes his neuter surgery and vaccines. For more information call 602-997-7585 and ask for animal ID number A479758 or visit http://www.azhumane.org.


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